Thursday, August 6, 2009

GrD3000: Personal Logos

Below are some examples from the first exercise in GrD3000 (if you so choose) of having students create their own logo for which they can use throughout the semester (sometimes they actually print out their completed logos to use on the back of their boards when they turn in their projects.
Many students create just a simple logo mark in B/W and then color, while others will proceed further by also choosing a secondary typeface for their name in order to accompany their logos out to work with their simple mark/brand. Also, some students will go ahead and put in their PMS color choices on the board as well. You could also encourage texture treatments and other typographical imagery such as punctuation.

Most students start out with a lot of hand-rendered sketches and then progress to a digital B/W facsimile and then a final color version. Encourage the students to really think about their logo (which is really their brand) and to bring something into their logo which is only relevant to themselves. It is like a portrait of themselves but with type. Encourage them to also write up a creative brief (1 paragraph perhaps) about their idea. Ideally the two should match up beautifully.

I hope seeing some of the past examples will help you in preparing your class. It's not unusual for those teaching GrD3000 to get together prior to the semester just to see or brainstorm what you all want to do...however, it is not imperative and each of you can teach this course how you wish...keeping in mind that in the end, we want to be able to compare apples to apples at their portfolio review. You can always add a project or drop a project depending on how much time you want to invest in each individual project.

BOARD SIZES: Make sure students are aware of good craftsmanship and concepts and also each student should mount their projects on boards (black or white is fine) and the scale of the projects can either be 11"x17" or 10.75" x 16.75" and you can also introduce 12"x18" scale since this is the size suggested once they get into the program....the reason for the variation in this sizes is that certain labs will only print so large and do not bleed. However, some students will have printers and even the printers in 460 lab print larger. Again,just make your own decision about this. Just make sure the students sticks to the size throughout the semester once they've chosen their format.

Everyone has their own opinion about the size format but these seem to be the top 32 sizes everyone is happy with at this point.

Jared created numerous versions for himself:

Some Sketches by Joseph Buckel and his final logo:

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