Thursday, August 6, 2009

GrD3000: Digital Collage Project

Phillip Webb actually introduced this project a few years ago when he taught GrD3000 as a way of getting the students to learn photoshop and illustrator while also allowing them to create their final version (picture clipping and using various tools in the programs...just to get them familiar with the 2 design programs. These images are courtesy of Phillip Webb and Paige Taylor.

This project can serve many useful purposes on many levels. This digital collage project allows students to go through found or store bought magazines and pull images that might make an interesting visual concept (for content purposes/visual narrative) using whatever they wish with a few mandatory requirements (if the student is doing a set of 3 different size formats they logo must be the same in all 3 for consistency. The color palette and typefaces used might also be the same for continuity purposes.)

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