Thursday, August 6, 2009

GrD3000: Course Overview

The majority of students who take this course eventually apply to the graphic design program at the end of spring semester. However, there are others who take this course as an elective and only wish to gain more information on what graphic design could be for them as a non-major. Theoretically every student should be treated the same throughout the coursework.

Students are encouraged to create work that is visual communication while mixing type and image. Images coming from any student are also encouraged to be their own. They should create these images from illustration, photography or mixed media. Exploration of typography is also encouraged. From the formal to the abstract students should experiment and use this class to create graphic design work which just might be work that will land them that first job out of school.

Many book covers and theatrical poster designs are in their senior portfolios.

APPLICATION TO MAJOR: Last fall several senior designers visited the GrD3000 classrooms to discuss and answer any questions students might have about applying to the graphic design major at the end of spring semester. With your permission we will do this again this year. It seemed to calm the nerves of many students who had heard rumors about applying to the graphic design discipline. More to come towards midterm about this.

BOARD SIZES: Make sure students are aware of good craftsmanship and concepts and also each student should mount their projects on boards (black or white is fine) and the scale of the projects can either be 11"x17" or 10.75" x 16.75" and you can also introduce 12"x18" scale since this is the size suggested once they get into the program....the reason for the variation in this sizes is that certain labs will only print so large and do not bleed. However, some students will have printers and even the printers in 460 lab print larger. Again,just make your own decision about this. Just make sure the students sticks to the size throughout the semester once they've chosen their format.

Everyone has their own opinion about the size format but these seem to be the top 32 sizes everyone is happy with at this point.

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